Our PCN Team

Dr Dan Bunstone - Clinical Director and GP at Chapelford Medical Centre

Primary Care Network Clinical Directors have a key leadership role in the development of strategic plans to improve the quality and effectiveness of primary care services and in partnership working with the wider Integrated Care System to deliver improved population health.  

Warrington Innovation Network has a 'Core Delivery Group' (CDG) which is the 'operational arm' of the PCN. The CDG has authority from the 7 member practices to make decisions, progress projects and ensure delivery of our contractual requirements. The purpose is to streamline PCN decision making and to develop workstreams at pace. The CDG have a duty to liaise/consult with member practices when proposing new initiatives or service changes. 

Dr Dan Bunstone - Clinical Director and GP at Chapelford Medical Centre

Dr Anita Malkhandi - Chair and GP at Four Seasons Medical Centre

Tara Humphrey - Interim PCN Manager 

Calum Meakin - Deputy PCN Manager 

Lorraine Stratulis - Practice Manager at Springfields Medical Centre.

Dr Julian Poulton - Care Home Clinical Lead and GP at Guardian Street Medical Centre

Care Coordinators - Jade Cannon and Leah Daniels


The PCN's member practices will meet every two weeks for our board meeting. Each practice attends, with one GP and Practice Manager representing their practice. 

Dr James McBeth and Shelley Moores - Culcheth Medical Centre

Dr Batool Aly and Val Hinds - Westbrook Medical Centre

Dr D Bunstone and Sadie Lawrence/Aimie Liversidge - Chapelford Medical Centre

Dr N Aggarwal and Lorraine Stratulis - Springfields Medical Centre

Dr Madhu Bhatanager and Gillian Adamson - Parkview Medical Centre

Dr Anita Malkhandi and Liz Hewitt - 4 Seasons Medical Centre

Dr Julian Poulton and Hannah Glyde - Guardian Medical Centre

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