Fundamentally, Warrington Innovation Primary Care Network is a vehicle to deliver additional capacity to primary care through employing additional roles.

There are many health professionals that work alongside our General Practitioners (GPs) in our practices, and you may be offered an appointment to see one of these professionals when you contact the surgery. These professionals are experts in their field and have the knowledge and experience of how to ensure you get the right help from the right clinician at the right time. 

Having these roles within the practice increases choices for patients and releases valuable appointment times for nurses and GPs. 

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Warrington Innovation Networks' First Contact Physiotherapists are provided by Quay Healthcare and Pure Physiotherapy.

Our FCP team include:

                            Rick Williams, Claire O'Neill, Mike Fawkes and Collette McGreevy.

What does a first-contact physiotherapist do?

  • Assesses, diagnoses and provides treatment plans
  • Requests investigations for musculoskeletal problems and reviews results 
  •  Provides quicker treatment, response and immediate management of problems at the initial appointment
  • Refers/ signposts patients to local resources, services and specialist services
  • Provides information on self-care and witness for work
  • Advises on how to manage your condition

When to see a first-contact physiotherapist?

  • If you have a soft tissue injury, sprain, strain, sports injury, arthritis, problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, back or neck pain
  • You have spinal-related pain such as pins and needles or numbness
  • You are post orthopaedic surgery 
  • You have tennis elbow or carpel tunnel syndrome


To make an appointment, please complete an e-consult or speak to one of the reception team. 

Care coordinators are one of several new roles that support the NHS’s commitment to improving health through personalised care.  

Vaccination and Immunisation Care Coordinators 

We have two Vaccination and Immunisation Care Coordinators that work across all 7 practices within the network, Lauren Sharpe and Leah Daniels. These Care Coordinators are responsible for inviting and booking patients appointments that are entitled to Shingles, Meningitis ACWY and Pneumococcal vaccinations. 

The Vaccination and Immunisation Care Coordinators remind parents of their child's upcoming immunisation appointments, obtain vaccination history from children that are new to the area or have received their immunisations abroad, book appointments for children that are behind with the UK immunisation schedule, liaise with local child health information services and obtain declined immunisations forms from parents who wish to decline their child's immunisations.


Care Homes Care Coordinator

Courtney Dale is our Care homes care coordinator she is responsible for liaising with the 9 Care homes and Residential homes that are aligned with the Primary care Network. Courtney is informed when a new patient enters a care/residential home aligned with the PCN and is responsible for allocating the patient to one of the local practices, she will ensure that a personalised care plan is completed for each resident and any proactive reviews have been carried out. Courtney also attends multi-disciplinary meetings where patients are reviewed and plans for care are put in place, ensuring the best care for the patients within our network.


Health and Inequalities Care Coordinator

Alayne Bates is Warrington Innovation Networks Health and Inequalities Care Coordinator. Alayne mainly works with patients who are living with a long-term condition and requires extra support with their health needs. Alayne is new to this position and we look forward to seeing how she can support our patients within the network.       


       Nic postlethwaite (2).jpg           merseycare.PNG                win rebecca mhp.jpeg                                           

            Nic Postlewaite                                                                                     Rebecca Sargeant


Our Mental Health Practitioners are provided by Mersey Care NHS Trust, and we are very lucky to have them. Nic Postlethwaite and Rebecca Sargent work across all 7 of our practices, bringing their significant experience and expertise to benefit our patients.

What can a mental health practitioner do for me? 

  • Carry out a mental health assessment
  • Provide advice and support to help you manage your condition
  • Support you in accessing appropriate mental health services and community resources depending on your need
  • Provide adequately timed appointments to listen to your problems and concerns
  • Provide you with tools and techniques to help you manage your symptoms
  • Mental health practitioners can review your mental health after 4 weeks of starting medication
  • Inciate medication and monitor its effects 

If you would like to be booked in to see one of our MHPs, please contact your GP practice. Appointments do not have to be face-to-face they can be via telephone if you prefer.

Within the PCN, we employ a large team of Clinical Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians. They work directly as part of your GP team to make sure your medicines help you to get better and stay well.  Having a Clinical Pharmacist in our GP team means the best person can treat you to meet your needs.

The Clinical Pharmacists within our team include Amie Anand, John Campbell, Samira Habibi, Tasneem Yusuf, Ching Lee, Agnieszka Zawadzka, Amy Clarke and Amit Sahdev.

The Pharmacy Technicians include Paula Lowe, Sophie Baugh, and Catherine Martin.

What can a clinical pharmacist do for me?

  • Review your medications
  • Agree and make changes to your prescriptions
  • Advise on medications and possible side effects
  • Arrange blood tests
  • Carry out discharge reviews on any medications given after a stay in hospital
  • Advise on the use of medications during pregnancy and while breastfeeding
  • Review your medications to manage long-term conditions such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and heart failure
  • Provide advice on self-help information on health concerns such as hay fever, conjunctivitis, coughs, colds, fever and more

What can a Pharmacy technician do for me?

  • Show you how to use your medications, such as inhaler technique
  •  Give advice on lifestyle choices
  • Answer your medication queries
  • Support the Clinical Pharmacist to review your medications. 

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